Leadership Team
Christien D. Oliver
National Program Manager

Christien D. Oliver is a graduate of Michigan State University and The George Washington University Law School. Mr. Oliver is an experienced labor relations, employment, and sports attorney. Mr. Oliver has served as chairman of American University’s sports and labor law symposium, and consults on NCAA compliance issues. Mr. Oliver has contributed to sports publications such as the Sports Litigation Alert and the Concussion Litigation Reporter. Mr. Oliver is also the Moderator of the Pursuit Endgame Speaker Series, which has featured executives, coaches and athletes from the NFL, NBA,

and WNBA. Currently, Mr. Oliver serves as the National Program Manager for the Sports Analytics Club. Program, a nonprofit that promotes STEM education and career development through sports.

Darryl R. Carter 
Director of Marketing Communications

Darryl Carter is a digital strategist with over a decade of experience developing and implementing marketing campaigns for multimillion-dollar global accounts and brands. Over his career, he has proven himself as a manager and project leader, inspiring his team to deliver the best results to their clients, increasing sales and customer engagement and transforming brands on digital and social platforms. With a passion for sports and youth, he sees no better opportunity to lend his skills and expertise than to the SACP.


The Sports Analytics Club Program (SACP) initiates and supports Sports Analytics Clubs at individual high schools and middle schools across the United States

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